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Microblading is semi permanent tattooing of the eyebrows . The initial treatment is done two times, 30 days apart. 

The treatment  will start by a topical numbing agent applied to the brows , this will sit for 35 minutes . Once your skin is numb I will begin to design the brows. Everyone’s brow is customized to suit your facial dimensions . We will both agree on the shaping of the brows before we begin. 

A small blade is used to create the hair strokes , and deliver the pigment into the skin . Typically I can finish the brows in two passes of blading and letting the pigment cure into the skin .

All in all the appointment will take about two hours . Upon leaving I will apply aquaphor to the brows and you’ll be on your way!! 

What to expect after treatment :

When you leave you can go out and about your normal day . The brows look natural , skin may be a little pink just from the rubbing and manipulation however it will diminish pretty quickly.

Your healing time is 7-10 days after the treatment . Hardest part is keeping your eyebrows dry for 7-10 days ! When washing your face go around them with a wash cloth . When showering and washing hair, do your best to cover the brows with one hand . There is nothing to be applied to the brows while healing (only the aquaphor I apply when you leave me).

The brows will begin to darken in color about the third day after treatment. This is normal ! This is the pigment and scabbing coming together to heal . You will notice small flakes that will begin to sluff off. This is normal and once they all come up your healing time is complete and you can resume washing your face as normal and showering as normal . Leading up to the second treatment in one month you may notice a high fading of the brows . This is normal . You may notice some strokes completely disappear. This is normal. You may notice one eyebrow may fade more than the other, this is normal! After the second treatment is performed the brows will hold much longer until it’s time for a touch up. Touch ups are usually done 6-8 months later . 

How to prepare for your treatment :

2-4 weeks before –

  • Stop the use of any fish oils and aspirin (as long as it’s not medically necessary)
  • Stop the use of and Retin A , glycolics , topical acids in skin care products .
  • Being this is a 2 hour appointment, please eat and make sure you are hydrated ! 

This is a life changing treatment ! Eyebrows give our faces the structure and it’s like putting our photo in a gorgeous frame . I’m very fortunate to have touched so many lives simply because of an eyebrow.

Will it hurt?

This is not considered pain free, however the numbing cream really helps! It’s nothing that will make you jump , maybe a couple spicy spots but it’s not bad at all!

How long does it last?

Everyone’s skin is different, I really will have a good idea of how well your skin will hold the pigment at the second treatment . Most people will go 6-8 months until they need a touch up. This is semi permanent, NOT a true tattoo that will last forever, which is a PLUS! One day if you decide you don’t want to do this anymore, eventually the pigment will just fade away . A true tattoo is stuck with you forever.

How do you choose the color?

Hair color and skin color of course plays a role in the pigment choice. However what’s most important is your skin undertones. My rule of thumb is to always go a little lighter on you the first time so you feel most comfortable with your new brows. We can always darken the color when I see you back in a month.