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PRP For Skin

Platelet rich plasma is obtained through a process where blood is drawn from the patient. It is then spun in a dual-spin centrifuge where the platelets, plasma, red and white blood cells are separated. The platelets and plasma are then drawn off and separated. The remaining blood products are then disposed of properly, leaving Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelet rich plasma promotes local tissue growth and repair of damaged tissue. The PRP is either injected into the subcutaneous tissue (tissue under the skin) or micro needled into that area, causing activation of stem cells, for the purpose of stimulating healing and collagen formation, causing growth and repair of tissue, thus giving a healthier, more youthful appearance to the skin and tissues, that continues to improve for 2 or more months after the procedure is performed. The results do not wear off over time like hyaluronic acid fillers or Botox. Platelets contain growth factor and cytokines. Both are very potent anti inflammatories and promote cell growth and proliferation. As we age, less collagen is produced, causing sagging, wrinkles and soft tissue depressions in the skin.

Once injected under the skin or applied topically onto the surface of the skin, PRP therapy counteracts aging by stimulating new collagen production in the exact areas of concern where we want the skin to repair and rejuvenate itself. PRP can be used on the face, neck, d├ęcolletage, and hands. It is also used to promote hair growth and treat hair loss (Alopecia).