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Silhouette Precision Program

The Area’s First Customizable Body Makeover – Combining Medical and Aesthetic Treatments


The Silhouette Program is a complete body-makeover program available only at Renewus Medspa. This customized body program combines the best of wellness and anti-aging medicine with advanced, non-invasive cosmetic procedures to create the unique you. Your providers at Renewus, recognize that there is no such thing as “one size fits all”.  We know that cosmetic body treatments alone will not give patients an optimized result. At Renewus, our board-certified physicians and staff do a full medical consult on each patient by performing an extensive medical history. We do a full diagnostic work-up on each patient to determine their medical makeup, determine allergic reactions to food and environment, hormonal imbalances, family histories, etc. We also focus on weight management solutions that do not strictly involve diet or counting calories. Our goal is to change the way you take care of yourself without the disruption of enjoying your life. We then focus on combining the most advanced, non-invasive cosmetic treatments to work on those problem areas that need fixing. Our goal is not to give you that unachievable look, but rather to be the best possible version of yourself. Most importantly, we work with you to make the results lasting, so that you can live a fulfilled life with the look and feel you deserve. Find out why so many others have endorsed the Silhouette Program as truly the most unique program of its kind.